5 Ways Female Runners Can Learn To Love Their Legs!

5 Ways Female Runners Can Learn To Love Their Legs!

The sun’s out… which means it’s time to run in shorts. Does the idea fill you with dread? We don’t think it should. Try these practical tips and love your legs!

It’s that time of year… time to get our legs out. Even if you choose not to wear shorts in every day life, you’ll probably want to run in shorts in this warm weather.

Hopefully you are all proud of your strong running legs. But even the fittest women can struggle with difficult feelings when it comes to going out in shorts.

We think it would be great if every female runner could banish all doubts and fears about showing off her pins! Here are 5 things to try, ranging from mindset to nutrition and training.

Rest And Sleep For Leaner Legs

Here’s something we can all do for leaner legs, and it’s free…. Sleep more, rest more, relax more. It sounds simple, but getting more rest and being less stressed really does help with fat loss, weight loss, and the reduction of toxins in the body. Being well rested and getting a great night’s sleep helps your body perform a variety of functions including digestion, balancing hormones, and letting go of body fat.

Go to bed earlier, get more good quality sleep (don’t take your phone or tablet computer into the bedroom), relax rather than pushing through your exhaustion, and try not to over train. Rest can be more beneficial when your body is crying out for a break!

The Best Training For Female Legs

You already run, and that’s great for good-looking legs. But what will compliment your running? Aim for exercise which stimulates the muscles, the lymphatic system, and doesn’t add too much extra stress (since you already run!)

– Be more active everyday. Walk more, stand more, and simply move more.

– Strengthen your legs with resistance training 1-2 times a week (squats, lunges, deadlifts, step ups, walking lunges)

– Try interval training to blast fat without excess training hours

– Hill reps will build strength, burn fat, and boost your running performance

– Yoga will stretch your legs out, support your digestion and lymph system, and help you relax more

Reduce Daily Lifestyle Toxins

Experts believe that various toxins in our daily lives play havoc with our hormones, which can have an impact on our ability to gain, store and lose body fat. Here are a few things to try:

– Cut down on alcohol intake if you drink more than 2 servings in a sitting (it can elevate oestrogen)

– Reduce caffeine intake (it creates stress and elevates oestrogen dominance)

– Look out for xenoestrogens

–  Environmental hormone-disruptors like pesticides and fertilisers used on some foods, parabens in skincare, BPA in plastic food containers and wrappers.

How’s Your Digestion?

What you eat is important to getting great legs, but so is how your body deals with the food. “You are what you digest”! Good digestion means your body can clear toxins, which has a positive impact on the fat we store on our lower body.

Factors which can have a negative impact on digestion: alcohol, caffeine, some medications.

Great foods to eat for leaner legs: cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower), green tea, B vitamins and zinc.

Supplements to consider: probiotics and prebiotics, B vitamins, zinc and fibre (although it’s best to get fibre from food – another good reason not to go ultra low carb!).

Support Your Lymphatic System

Your body has a great internal system for draining away toxins and clearing the body of waste. So support that lymphatic system!

– Saunas and steam rooms

– Dry body brushing

– Regular exfoliation (a good homemade blend is sea salt, bicarbonate of soda and olive oil!)

– Moisturise (try coconut oil)

– Elevate your feet and legs when they feel tired or look puffy

– Massage

– Yoga

And finally, be proud of your runners legs! Whatever stage you’re at in your running lifestyle, take confidence from the fact that you made the choice to start running, and you make the ongoing decision to keep going. You are doing great things for your legs and for your whole body. So wear those shorts with pride. Your legs work hard for you, and you’ve worked hard for those legs!

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