Ron Hill – Additions MP3-L.E.D Armband

Ron Hill – Additions MP3-L.E.D Armband

The Ron Hill Additions range are accessories that compliment all of the Ron Hill’s various collections

Product Review – Harriet R4W member

STYLE – black and neat shape, unobtrusive. Score: 4/5 PRACTICALITY- Comfortable and easy to adjust. I wore this for a hard work out in the gym, a training run and a 10k race and it never slipped or felt uncomfortable. The LED is easy to attach and detach and easy to switch on and off. Very bright, shows up well in the dark. Score: 4/5 QUALITY: As expected from Ron Hill very well made and seems hard wearing. Score 5/5 SUITABILITY. Unfortunately my Blackberry, which I use as a phone as well, would not fit in this armband. It is fine for an MP3 player or car keys and fits a more traditional oblong phone. Score 4/5

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