Product Review – Breo Sunglasses Two Tone

Product Review – Breo Sunglasses Two Tone

Breo makes accessories for those looking for a bit of adventure. Simplicity and style are key to our ethos. And have been right from the beginning.

In 2008 Breo spotted a need for an alternative kind of watch. The kind you can wear without worrying about. The kind that fits with your active lifestyle. The kind that doesn’t make you look like you’ve completely lost touch with fashion.

Cue the Roam. It’s simple, stylish, affordable, colourful, fun and durable. When it launched, its unusual and innovative design really captured the imaginations of active and style-conscious people alike.

Its success has inspired a whole range of Breo products – all distinctive, colourful and fun, without compromising on quality and affordability.

Breo believe that life is for living. Don’t blend in. Don’t settle for the mundane. However you want to escape the everyday, have fun. And do it in style.

Breo – Sunglasses two tone

Bold colour choices splashed across a distinctive and iconic design, these are a great addition for adding a colour pop to your look. Our unique soft touch rubber (STR®) finish provides great sweat resistance and sit comfortable on the face and ears under any conditions for prolonged periods of time. Our Polycarbonate lenses are made of tough high impact material and the smoked grey Cat 3 finish transmits the full colour spectrum.


  • Available in 4 colours
  • Soft touch rubber
  • One size/unisex
  • Super tough
  • Shatterproof lenses
  • Neoprene carry case included
  • Iconic style
RRP £20.00
Available from Breo

Breo Sunglasses two tone – Product Review – by Jennifer R4W forum member


When the sunglasses first arrived, I tried them on and although I thought the style was funky, I didn’t hold out much hope for comfort during a run. I am used to very soft flexi frames which are comfy, but these felt quite hard and rigid in comparison. The description of the Breo’s were a “soft touch rubber” however it felt more like a plastic with a thin soft coating.

Heading out for my run it was probably the hottest day of the year so far, which meant I was likely to get extra hot and sweaty. I was slightly worried that the glasses would slip off.

My Initial impressions of the glasses were not massively positive, however that soon all changed!

During the run I didn’t feel the sunglasses at all, they didn’t bounce at all and the vision through the grey lenses was crystal clear. I was very surprised at how much I didn’t notice them during the run! This was great as it meant I was able to concentrate on my run and not anything else. My eyes are very sensitive in bright sunlight due to hayfever, so normally on my runs my eyes are streaming however with these Breo sunglasses I didn’t have to worry! I was actually able to enjoy a run in the sunshine!

After a 5k run I admit I was dripping but the sunglasses had stayed firmly in place and not slipped once, the complete opposite of what I had originally thought when first trying them on.

I have also used the sunglasses on days when it hasn’t been sunny but the sky has been quite bright which again would normally make my eyes water. The sunglasses kept my eyes tear free and provided excellent vision by taking away the glare but without being too dark.

Since that first trial I have used them a few times both on runs and just out and about! Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Very Comfy during a run and for every day use!

Comfort 4/5
Style 5/5
Vision clarity 5/5

I will definitely continue using these glasses.

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