Here’s how to design the week leading up to your 10K race. Take notes!

Late Summer is classic 10K-racing time! Are you one of the many women who will be running a 10K race in the next few weeks? It's time to start thinking about that final week of training. Here's how to run and what to eat before you get to the start line.

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Are you training for a running race? Here’s why you should pat yourself on the back today.

When you’re a runner, everybody is interested in the races you do. “What was your time?”, “where did you finish?”, and “so, what’s next?”

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Entered a 10K but up against it with a busy schedule?

Most of us have to fit running training around a seriously busy schedule. Work, kids, partner, and all those non-running things which demand our time. Here’s how to get 10K training done on just a few runs a week (assuming you’re not a complete beginner).

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Following the success of ‘Introduction to Paleo’, Rebecca’s first book, ‘Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life’ takes a healthy and realistic look at how you can get in shape and improve your health using the Paleo diet. 

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