Let us help you break down these 8 barriers and take the plunge!

It’s no surprise that 10K is the race-distance of choice for so many first-time runners. It’s not too long (not like a half-marathon) but it’s also not so short that you think “…was that it?” 10K is a really great challenge for a beginner runner. But plenty of people never take the plunge to sign up. Why? There are lots of reasons. Let’s overcome them together.

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10K is the perfect distance for beginners who want the challenge of a race. We’ll help you get started. 

Think running races aren’t for you? We’d encourage you to think again. Many beginner runners think they’re not fit enough, not fast enough, or not slim enough to do a race. We say: if you want to, go for it!

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Who needs so-called “super foods” when these everyday heroes are so good for our health?

Forget stocking up on expensive niche foods. All you need to fuel your body to run and recover is a variety of common, seasonal ingredients. They can all be found in your local shops… in fact we bet you’ve got at least 5 of our list in your home right now.

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When you’re getting in shape, the final 5lbs can seem the hardest to lose. Here’s how running can help you. 

Losing weight isn’t easy, but it’s not difficult either. Ultimately, losing weight and getting leaner is about numbers: calories in vs calories out.

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