ZOCA – Tech Tee

ZOCA – Tech Tee

With the hazy days of autumn, it’s time to enjoy the seasonal colours of early morning frosts and spectacular sunsets.  The outdoors have never been so popular – whether it’s a bike ride to the office, fitness training in the park, or a week in the mountains, ZOCA’s pieces can be mixed and matched to suit your mood.  There are some great relaxation pieces too.

ZOCA’s Autumn/Winter 2010 range is designed to enhance and excite, offering the sophistication of Moss with Leaf green, or the dynamic combination of Black, Pebble and Dalia orange. 

The range is built up of several elements: – high specification technical pieces for running, cycling and tennis, performance fitness wear and a range of basics to flatter most sizes and shapes.

ZOCA recognizes that fit is all-important, offering three leg lengths in all full-length pants and plenty of options in the styling of tops.

Close to Nature

Autumn/Winter 2010 sees an increased focus on natural fabrics for ZOCA, including Bamboo, Cotton and Tencel (a cellulose fibre which offers natural properties of being hydrophilic, optimizing the absorption of moisture with excellent cooling properties and inhibiting bacteria growth). The Bamboo used by ZOCA is made from regenerated bamboo, being an environment bamboo, being an environmentally friendly raw material and boasting high water absorption, excellent evaporation, superb breath ability and natural softness. Superior quality compact cotton completes the picture, allowing ZOCA wearers to get event closer to /appreciate all that/ nature has to offer.

All the elements fully coordinate, so you can express yourself with your own unique combinations.

Caring by nature….

ZOCA is proud to support CARE International, one of the world’s leading relief and development organisation. Each year, CARE International helps more than 65 million people in over 70 countries find a route out of poverty. ZOCA donates 1% of all its sales to CARE International.

PRODUCT REVIEW – ZOCA – Tech Tee – moss/leaf by Joanne R4W Member

This feminine tee has been specially designed with the performance girl in mind.  Features include bra shelf liner, reflective trims, large back pocket with lockable zip to store your bits and bobs, dipped back hem to keep the lower back warm, zip neckline to keep you warm on a chilly morning and cool on a warm day.  This garment is made using AQUAMOVE fabric, you can be sure that it will transport moisture away from the skin leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.  Branded with the silver ZOCA weld and ZOCA word at the center back.

STYLE– Very stylish top. Everyone at my spinning class commented on it. Very feminine fit like the lower back hem covered your back just right – perfect top for running in or on the bike. Score 5/5

COMFORT – Really soft material and I found the bra liner was brilliant. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – I used the top for both running in and cycling in. The top never made me feel sweaty at all. Score 5/5

QUALITY – Excellent quality no detail has been missed out, you can tell a lot of time has gone into making these items. Score 5/5

COLOUR – Really nice colours, the moss and the leaf worked well together. Score 4/5

OVERALL – Fantastic item, very versatile can be worn for a number of sports. Washed really well. Pocket on the back was really useful. Will definitely purchase more ZOCA clothing. Score 5/5

The ZOCA website is packed with information about the brand, their products and plenty of tips and news features which they hope you will find useful. www.zocaactive.com

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