Your Well Balanced Nutritionally Deficient Diet

Your Well Balanced Nutritionally Deficient Diet

The two main threats to our health are:

1.  Invasion By Disease

Causing foreign organisms called pathogens – like bacteria and viruses, or by cancer cells formed when our cells grow out of control. The immune system is a major defence against both these foreign invaders and cancercells.

2. Attack by free radicals

Anti-oxidants are your major defence against these destructive free radicals.

All biological tissues are dynamic. The fact that our bodies do not seem to change much disguises a constant state of flux, with the processes of decay and regeneration going on at the same time.

Bones are constantly being built up and worn away, as are joints. Atheroma (the buildup of cholesterol plaque) is constantly accumulating inside the arteries, and just as constantly being removed. If the processes are in balance the tissue remains intact, and good health is sustained. But if the rate of decay is only a little faster than the rate of repair, there will be a net loss of healthy tissue. A pre-illness will be growing little by little every day until the clinical illness finally emerges.

If the body has inadequate nutritional support it is vulnerable to the two threats to your health that most contribute to disease – a weakened immune system and free radical damage.

In short, when levels of key nutrients are below optimum it disturbs the natural balance between the natural process of wear and repair and weakens our immune system. 

Free radical damage is involved in most of the diseases which ultimately kill us. And they are deeply involved in the ageing process.  Indeed free radicals are a major cause of ageing in general as they lead to the gradual deterioration of organs and to diseases such as cancer, arthritis and cataract.

Oxidation causes free radicals and free radicals damage cells. This explains why anti-oxidants are the body’s defence against free radical damage. Your main defences against free radical attack are anti-oxidant enzymes and anti-oxidants. These work together – which is why you need a comprehensive range of anti-oxidants.

Only by boosting your intake of the nutrients that specifically support regenerative function and the immune system, can you slow down or reverse the process of degeneration.

As well as looking for optimum health you need energy to get through the day and have the energy to go to the gym. How many people don’t go to the gym because of lack of energy?

Nutritional value of what we call “good” food is falling e.g. in oranges, 67% of iron content has been depleted.

We are growing for a mass population using intensive farming, needing high yields with the use of pesticides and harvesting crops early e.g. picking fruit before they are ripe. Higher yields come before nutrition. 

Avoid processed foods! If you think the loss of nutrient value in fresh fruit and vegetables is bad enough that is nothing to the nutritional emptiness of processed foods and to add insult to injury they are full of transfats due to the hydrogenated processing methods that are used.

Everyone over the age of 40 needs a comprehensive supplement and here’s why:

  1. We don’t eat enough
  2. We eat too many processed foods
  3. The soil is depleted
  4. Absorption of nutrients is not always good
  5. Pollution
  6. Bad habits
  7. Ageing


This extract has been taken from which is written by Dr. Paul Clayton.

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