Would You Like To Share Your Story?

Would You Like To Share Your Story?

Publisher Collins & Brown is looking to update a popular title in their health list called Running Made Easy.

They are keen to find runners to share their stories, knowledge and experiences with those new to the activity, and give them the motivation they need to get started.

They are looking for short quotes (up to 100 words) on subjects like:

‘What I wish I’d known before I started …’

‘How running makes me feel’

‘Why I run’

‘How I got started’

‘How I find the time to run’

‘How I motivate myself’

‘My most memorable race’

Marathon running experiences (in the UK and elsewhere in the world).

They are also looking for longer case studies (up to 1,500 words) from runners whose stories can offer hope and inspiration to others on subjects including:

Running for weight loss

Running to help battle stress, anxiety and depression

Running to beat alcoholism and other addictions

Running following treatment for cancer or other illnesses

Running with a disability or following a serious injury

Running as an older person.

Please get in touch with Katie Hewett if you are interested in taking part – they would love to hear from you.

Contact katiehewett@me.com with your stories or for more details.

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