Product Review – Workplay Fleetfoot II Running Bag for Women

Product Review – Workplay Fleetfoot II Running Bag for Women

Workplay create practical & stylish sports bags, for the active woman who needs a bag as versatile as her lifestyle.

Launched in March 2010 by Guy Mathiot the Sports Fashion Designer who has worked for brands such as Asics and Puma – the workplay range includes running waist bags, backpacks and gym bags, all ergonomically shaped for women and packed with well thought out practical features.


fleetfoot II Running Bag for Women – vibrant pink and reflect

RRP: £29.99

A super lightweight sports waist bag for women

This intelligently designed bag is ergonomically shaped to fit a women’s hips securely and comfortably.  The perfect sports bum bag for walking, running and cycling.

The fleetfoot II allows you to keep your hands free by storing your running essentials in individually designed sections, and it fits you by sitting snugly on top of your hips – not by being tight and uncomfortable digging in your waist. We have masses of positive review from women that confirm how comfortable the “fleetfoot II” is….

Whilst on the move, runners often need to carry their keys, phone, coins and MP3.  Sometimes tissues, gels and even an inhaler are the required essentials.  Either way the fleetfoot II is great for storing all you need whilst training!

You can even carry a waterbottle in the clever stretch tunnel tucked behind the bag.  Alternatively, you could carry a lightweight shower jacket slipped through the stretchy loops on the back! So in this tiny lightweight bag in which you can carry as little as you want  – or carry water and a jacket tucked in the back out the way as well.

The “fleetfoot II” also has year round running safety features.

Fleetfoot II running waist bag features:

•Vibrant pink colour with reflective silver panels

•Super lightweight – weighing only 100 grammes

•Curved ‘canitlever’ shape that sits snugly around your waist and on top of your hips

•Flexible fit waist to allow movement that is adjustable for up to size 44” waist.

•Reflective trim giving 360 degree visibility

•Stretch tunnel pocket for carrying water bottle, hat or gloves

•Stretchy loops on back for carrying jacket

•Low noise micro fleece pocket for reducing irritating rattling noise when running

•Two anti scratch compartments for carrying MP3 players, phones and other essentials.

•‘In case of emergency’ label for completing contact details and even blood group


PRODUCT REVIEW – Workplay fleetfoot II bag- R4W Member

STYLE – Really like the style of this.  The pocket in pink works well but isn’t too much and the thin strap makes it neat looking.  Score – 5/5

PRACTICALITY/ SUITABILITY – This bag is neat, compact but surprisingly large.  It easily held a phone, keys, small biscuit and folded map.  You can also hang a lightweight running jacket and not feel it there. The only disappointment was lack of bottle space.  I tried it with a bottle and it kept slipping out.  It would probably hold a tiny bottle though. Score –  4/5

QUALITY / OVERALL – The quality of this bag was impressive compared with the other two I own.  It was flexible but sturdy and feels well made. Score –  5/5

 Available from Workplay

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