Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

Ok, so a month ago I folded away my summer kit and started to dig out the running tights, jackets, long sleeve tops and even had the hats and gloves ready in my running draw. Then last week I was frantically trying to find my shorts, vests and sun cream, as it was nearly 30 degrees again at the start of October!

However, the reality is that the mad British winter is on its way and us runners need to get organized.  There really is so much to think about at this time of year.  What kit will I need and will the colour of my new tights match my favourite running jacket? Have I got a pair of trail shoes for when the park and paths get a little muddy, and where did I leave my reflective top and flashing running light? That’s right, the clocks have gone back and it will be dark by 5pm!  God this is all so depressing isn’t it!

It really is the time of year where you could start to slip into those bad habits. Its raining outside so I won’t bother with that run today, or its quite cold actually so I think I will run tomorrow. Some of us will even find it a chore to get into the car and run on the treadmill in the gym. It’s all just too much.

But is it really? To be honest we see it totally differently and its time to get excited about the changing seasons. Lets make some plans and set some new goals. Lets also try a few things that are maybe new to our running mix.

First of all, have you got the right kit for all winter weather? Yes those base layers, long tights, visible running jackets or gillets and the all important matching hats and gloves. Be safe, seen and be warm this winter.  Are you going to make it to the park if its wet or icy, well you might if you invest in a pair of quality trail shoes? Have a look at what the brands have on offer and treat yourself to better grip, support and maybe even a waterproof Gortex option.

Have you joined that running group, club or set up some buddy sessions.  You know you are far more likely to leave the front door if you run with friends this winter. It’s certainly much safer when running in the dark. There really are so many running groups out there these days. Have a look online or maybe ask around on the running4women community.

Set yourself some short term and long-term targets. The bigger long-term target might be a 10k, half or full marathon next spring. Have you entered it yet? Don’t get caught out guys, the best Spring 2014 races are already selling fast………….get that entry in and put the date in the dairy. This is now your main long-term goal.

Have a look at the local 5k Saturday Park Runs and maybe a goal for December and January. Perhaps it will be your first trail race or a 10k. Whatever it is, be excited and put it in the diary. We certainly recommend a 5k once a month to keep you motivated and focused.

Finally, look forward to some of the inspirational moments the winter can bring. Running through the frost in the park, seeing your own breath or the mist lifting, splashing through the puddles and that warm glow as you return to the indoors knowing you are a real runner who loves all seasons.

Have fun and stay safe.

Phoebe & Nick

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