Wild Nordic super berries – enter the UK health food market

Wild Nordic super berries – enter the UK health food market

‘Wild Nordic super berries’ enter the UK health food market

Finnberry has revealed its new offering in the health food market in the form of wild Finnish super berry powders and dried berries, the first of a range of new and exciting products launched into the growing UK market. 
The company has revealed three new ranges – berry powders, dried berries and chocolate coated berries – all boasting super berry properties in a concentrated form. The berries are ‘wildly grown’ and carefully handpicked from clean, unpolluted Nordic forests. The brand has taken all that is vibrant and original from Finnish culture, to give each berry a personality of its own designed to appeal primarily to busy, yet health conscious groups. Each range is exceptionally high in nutritional value, with superior vitamin and nutrient content compared to cultivated berries, yet easy to eat as a part of any meal.

Anne Kaarlela, the Finnish founder of Finnberry, who has lived in the UK for over 14 years, explained the new entry: ‘Super berries have been one of the hot topics of the consumer health food industry for some time and consumers are increasingly demanding products that they can use to enhance their health and wellbeing.
Finnberry has been launched to move with these exciting times and to introduce these vitamin and nutrient rich super berries to the UK consumers. I am passionate about bringing the benefits of these berries, enjoyed in Finland for many years, to the UK and we see great future potential to complement the diet of our UK customers.
Nordic wild berries are relatively unknown in this country but their exceptional nutritional value has been widely researched. We’re particularly excited about the powdered berries that offer incredible antioxidant protection against the free radical damage that can be a major cause for ageing and disease, including cancer. The Nordic super berry products are an excellent addition to anyone’s diet, regardless of age or amount of time on their hands!”

The heroes of the Nordic wild super berry range are the wild, handpicked bilberry and lingonberry.

Bilberry – the antioxidant powerhouse
The wild cousin to the cultivated blueberry – available in highly concentrated powder, dried berries and chocolate coated berries.
Wild bilberry has much higher nutrient content than cultivated blueberry. It grows during light nights in the summer, which increases the anthocyanin content giving the berry its dark colour.
Bilberry is famous for its high content of anthocyanin and antioxidants. In addition to acting as antioxidants and fighting free radicals, anthocyanin may offer anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits. This is exactly why bilberry is higher valued – due to its rarity and exceptional nutritional value.



Lingonberry – the fat fighter
Available in highly concentrated powder, dried berries and chocolate coated berries.

Lingonberry is a tangy, wild super berry that may help counter the effects of a high-fat diet – they reduce blood sugar levels and contain polyphenols for fat burning.
They’re also packed with vitamins providing exceptional amounts of vitamins E and K, iron, copper, manganese and dietary fibre. Similar to cranberries they help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, particularly in women. It is well known in the Nordic countries and recommended for patients with diabetes, blood pressure challenges and inflammatory concerns.




All ranges are available NOW. Stockist include www.finnberry.co.uk web shop and Amazon

Berry powders (30g with up to 270g of fresh berries) Retail price £3.99
• bilberry
• lingonberry
• sea buckthorn
• cranberry powders

Dried berries, (50g with up to 270g fresh berries), Retail price £2.99 – £3.99
• bilberry
• lingonberry
• cranberry
• berry mix

Chocolate coated berries, 100g, £2.99 – £3.99
• bilberry
• lingonberry
• cranberry – dipped either in milk or dark chocolate




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