Why Am I So Slow?

Why Am I So Slow?


Why am I so slow? I am 27 and have recently taken up running about 5 months ago, running 2 to 3 times a week most weeks. I first began to train for a 5km run which I managed to do in about 32 minutes but can’t seem to get any faster. I am now aiming for a 10km run in October and I’m taking about 45mins for just 7km! How can I improve my training to try and get faster? Many Thanks Sally


Hi Sally, It is a fact that if you train slowly then you will race slowly. To race faster and get your times down then you must introduce some different pace running into your training. I would suggest that you start off by including 1 Fartlek session into your week. Fartlek is Swedish for “Speed Play” and means exactly that: you simply go out for a run and then run faster over distances to suit yourself e.g. Start your session with a 5 minute jog then run fast for, say 200 metres then jog recover then sprint for 50 metres then jog recover then run fast for 400 meters etc. It is a very good introduction to more formal types of speed work which should be introduced into your training programme when you are ready. The simple answer is: To race faster you HAVE to do some faster running in your training sessions. I hope this is of some help to you – let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards Peter


Hi Peter,   I have tried the training you suggested and this morning knocked off 3 minutes off my 5km time! Thank you so much! I will definitely continue it! I ran as fast as I could for 2 minutes, then jogged for 3. Should I continue it like that for the time being?   Many Thanks Sally


Hi Sally,

That sounds really good! If I were you I would continue doing this type of session for a few weeks but I would vary the length of your fartlek runs. For example; I would do faster runs from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes but it is important that your pace over 30 seconds is considerably quicker than that over 3 minutes. This will give you a variety of different speeds in 1 session.

Good luck and keep in touch



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