What’s Your Purpose? (Why Do We Run)

What’s Your Purpose? (Why Do We Run)

Let’s get a bit philosophical! We’ve been thinking about why we run: how we got started, what keeps us going over the years, and what makes us want to carry on even when we’ve reached our goals.

We’d love you to join us as we think through the age-old question of why we run. So, pop your feet up, grab a cup of something hot and join in.

Why Do We Start Running?

This one’s fairly simple to answer: most people have a very specific reason when they start running. It can be weightloss, training for an event or wanting to get fitter as the years go by. Perhaps they feel it’s now time to tackle that big goal (a marathon, or an running event abroad). Or maybe illness or tragedy strikes, and they want to run to honour a lost friend or family. Other times, life changes can open our eyes to the benefits of being healthy as we age: having children is often a catalyst for people wanting to stay healthy for as many years as possible.

What Keeps Us Going?

This is a tough one. One size does not fit all when it comes to motivation. Some people love the “me time” of running and wouldn’t miss it for the world, whilst others like the athletic goals of race times, training performance and minutes-per-mile. For some, performance and progression are everything. For others, it’s the social side of running (or the solitude) which keeps us coming back to our hobby day after day, year after year.

How Do We Get Through Injury?

Being injured can be one of the worst times for runners. It can feel like the end of the world, time stretching out before us with no end in sight. Yet most of us don’t give up. We do our stretches, we ice, we visit the physio and we’ve always got the future in mind… a future where we’re running. Quite simply, it’s our love for running and the memory of that endorphin rush which gets us through injury time.

What Motivates Us Beyond Goals?

This is the real enigma, and the answer is unique to everyone. If there were no running races, no watches and GPS devices, no tracking apps and nobody to tell about how far you’ve run… what would keep you going back? Identify that, and you’ve found your “why”.  It’s clear to see that, whatever got us running and whatever keeps us at it, us runners are a special breed. We’re one big group, united by one passion. So now it’s over to you… why do you run?

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