What do I Really Need to Run?-Part 1

What do I Really Need to Run?-Part 1

Last week I told you about my story and how I found running. The girl who hated PE and never ran yet has gone on to become a veteran of many races, coach and personal trainer……….I still have to pinch myself each time I tell the story! Is that really me?

Anyway, the real dilemma ladies, over the years, has gone on to be kit and how to look good when trying to kill myself. Is it ever possible to look glamorous when sweating and wearing lycra and bright colours? Is it really necessary to look like a moving traffic cone or light? 

I am often hit by how simple running is and should be, particularly when I visit India a few times a year to TV present at the Bangalore 10k, Delhi half and Mumbai marathon. There you see people often running in old trainers or sandals and the everyday clothes they own. Indeed, millions of years ago we just left the cave and ran around all day bare foot catching our food. But now if I pick up a magazine there are adverts and articles on trainers, best kit options, bras, watches, gps devices and even sunglasses.

This has become a serious business. Should I rebel and keep it simple or should I keep up with my friends who do look pretty cool. After all, I am now a runner and feel ready to tell the world that I have arrived!

So what do I really need?  

Well first of all think FEET! Neglect these babies and they will soon let you know. If you only get one item right, make sure it’s the shoes. Go to your nearest proper running shop and treat yourself. Make sure the staff pamper you and seem interested in what running you are doing. Please DON’T just stare at the wall of shoes and then nail your favourite colour. This choice has to be based on science, the way you run and how these shoes support and cushion your own foot. Expect to be asked and even watched running on the treadmill and definitely behave like Julia Roberts please girls. Demand attention and try on plenty of pairs!

Then get some real running socks. You need a pair that fit well and wick away the moisture from your foot. Proper running socks with no seams or ripples. They cost but there is nothing worse than a blister.

After shoes and socks the real fun begin…now it’s time to look good and go for the kill.

I have found that there is no point in choosing kit that you have simply seen someone else in, is in the latest magazine or is what you think a runner should wear. You must choose the style that does its job but also makes you feel confident and most importantly, not embarrassed.

What do I mean by ‘doing the job’? Find out in Part 2!

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