What Can You Learn From Your Previous Fitness Year?

What Can You Learn From Your Previous Fitness Year?


This is traditionally the time of year for making plans for the year ahead. So how about taking a few moments to look back on your 2016 as a runner. What can you learn and how can your 2016 help you plan an even better 2017?

Revisit Your Journal

Hopefully you keep some kind of record of your running: whether it’s a paper journal, an online tracker or even regularly writing on the Running4Women forums. Take some time to look back. What worked well for you in 2016? When did you make the most progress? Were there any periods of overtraining, injury or time out? Did you make any significant changes to nutrition, training, recovery or cross-training, and did these work or not? Training journals are gold! If you didn’t keep one in 2016, start one for 2017.

Injuries And Other Set Backs

It’s not just the good stuff we can learn from. In fact, mistakes, injuries and set backs often provide us with great opportunities to do things differently next time. The key is to find the lesson and learn from it. So, if you were injured in 2016, suffered from over-training or even had to completely rethink your running training, what can you learn from the episode to make you a better runner in 2017?

Meeting Goals And Making New Ones

Hopefully you met most if not all of your running and fitness goals in 2016, and that’s fantastic! But let’s not rest on our laurels. What are your goals for 2017? Take some time to sit down and map them out, clearly and specifically. What do you need to do to achieve them? How can you break your large goals into smaller targets? Let’s make 2017 your best year yet.

Build On Your Confidence

More than anything, looking back at the year gone by is a great way to really boost your confidence. It’s very easy to forget or brush off achievements and progress. But when you look right back to January 2016, and see your progress in black and white, day to day, week to week and month to month, you realise just how much you’ve improved. It doesn’t matter if 2016 was the year you progressed from run/walk to running a mile, or if 2016 was the year you represented your club at county or national level. Improvement and progress is what we’re looking for.

Carry that confidence into 2017 and you’ll keep on achieving great things.

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