Ways To Fit Running Into Your Busy Schedule

Ways To Fit Running Into Your Busy Schedule

By definition, women runners are busy people. Family, kids, partners, parents, work, social life, home life… it’s no wonder we sometimes feel hassled and frazzled. Where does running fit into your busy schedule? It can be so easy to let running fall by the wayside, promising to pick it back up when life calms down. But the secret lies in fitting running in, no matter how busy life gets.  It’s key to treat running like any other commitment. Just because it’s a commitment to yourself, it doesn’t mean it’s any less important than work, social events or appointments for the kids.

In fact, we’d argue that your “running appointments” are the most important time slots in your calendar. After all, running keeps you physically fit, happy and even helps keep you emotionally healthy. All of which are important if you are to function well as a Mum, wife, girlfriend, employee, daughter and friend.  So now we’ve agreed that running is the most important thing in your calendar, how can you fit it in when life is busy?  Plan ahead.

Plan your weekly running sessions in, refer to your training plan if you have one, and plan ahead so you minimise the chance of unexpected events scuppering your plans.
Schedule it in

Once you’ve made a plan, write the session in your diary, on the kitchen calendar or put them in your online schedule. Treat them like any other appointment which cannot be missed.

Create A Routine

If you always run on Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings and every morning at the weekend, not only will you get used to this but people around you will, too. Eventually, people will realise there’s no point asking you to run errands or take on extra chores, because that’s your running time.

Make The Time

If you can’t find time to run, make it. Get up earlier and lay your running kit out the night before. Run as soon as you get in from work, before you sit down and turn the TV on. Schedule meetings so they run back to back and free up time later in the day. Whatever it takes.

Stay Accountable

If you tell people about your running schedule, you’ll be more likely to stick to it. Accountability is a powerful tool, so use it to help you stick to a running schedule, no matter how busy life gets.

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