Vivo Barefoot- Neo Cross-Trainer

Vivo Barefoot- Neo Cross-Trainer

VIVOBAREFOOT expands its performance line with a new multi-terrain footwear innovation, optimised for genuine lightweight barefoot performance. Developed in conjunction with barefoot running coach Lee Saxby, the Neo is a retro infused barefoot cross-trainer with all the performance hallmarks of the EVO.

The VIVOBAREFOOT performance line helps awaken the senses and encourages us to run as millions of years of evolution intended – barefoot.

The Neo retro infused barefoot cross-trainer is suitable for : multi-terrain dry land orientated barefoot adventures.

  • VB high-abrasion EVO outsole with puncture-resistant protection and hex-flex directional grip control for optimum barefoot feel.
  • Removable rapid dry moisture control bamboo-charcoal foam foot bed
  • VB zero-pitch performance last is aligned to the axis of the foot for a perfect barefoot fit.
  • Computer stitched reinforced eyelets
  • Recycled sweat absorbing antibacterial lining.
  • Water resistant hydro phobic mesh lining
  • Anatomically neutral outsole and wide toe box that allows for maximum proprioceptive feedback combined with high level of durability, grip and traction for on-road to light trail running.
  • RPU toe guard




Product Review – Vivo BareFoot –Neo retro infused barefoot cross-trainer by Valerie R4W Member

Cushioning – The Neo have minimal cushioning and encourage a forefoot strike as they are completely flat (the heel is not elevated as opposed to traditional shoes). So they protect your feet but allow them to pick up maximum information about the surface you are running on and in the long run strengthen them. Score 1/5

Comfort – They are so comfortable! I like the wide toe box as it allows my feet to spread more while walking/running Score 5/5

Grip – As they are trail shoes I tried them on my local park and they were brilliant. However the grip on the mud is not the best I have seen. Score 4/5

Stability – They are barefoot running shoes so I felt that the shoes were flexible but did not offer much stability as it is not what they were built for. Score 2/5

Overall – The ladies version of the Terra Plana Neo shoe is an excellent choice as a serious barefoot running shoe that has a great look for everyday wear and is as comfortable as your favourite pair of slippers. And they are ecofriendly (100% vegan)! Score 5/5


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