Using Vision Boards To Help You Reach Your Goals

Using Vision Boards To Help You Reach Your Goals

Have you ever used a vision board to help you reach a goal? Vision boards are powerful motivating tools, helping you focus on your target frequently and consistently. Here’s why we really rate them when it comes to getting things done! 

It’s easy and fun to create a vision board, and there’s no limit to how many you can have. The key is to let your imagination go. Vision boards are highly personal, so make sure you fill yours with images, quotes, song lyrics and momentos which truly speak to you.

Here’s how to do it. Get a large cork board or other pin board. The bigger the better! Now the fun begins.  Gather images, photos, words, quotes, song lyrics or personal memorabilia relevant to your dream or ultimate goal. If, for example, you want to run the Orlando Marathon, you could put a postcard of Florida, your plane ticket, pictures of the course, images of the places you want to stay or visit or eat out at, pictures of the kit you’ll wear, an image of the medal or even pictures relating to a big post-run party. If your running goal is to do with weight loss or physical health, you could pin images of physiques which inspire you, places you’ll go when you reach your goal, clothes you’ll wear and lyrics from songs which always fire you up. There really is no limit. The only rule is: make it personal. 

Top tip: save images, quotes and other inspiring items you find online to an email, then print them off. There’s nothing worse than finding a really great quote and then forgetting where you saw it. 

Now decide where you’ll put your vision board. It could be in your bedroom or hallway, so it’s one of the first things you see every morning. Or it could be in the kitchen, lounge or wherever you spend most of your time at home. Or perhaps you’d prefer it in your study or another more private room. Wherever you put your vision board, make sure you really look at it every day. Study it, look at the images and items you chose for it, and remember why. Engage with the emotions behind the items and your motivation will stay stoked throughout your journey to your goal. 

One final piece of advice: snap a picture of your entire vision board on your phone or tablet. That way, you’ll have it with you wherever you go and can even remove items and add new ones whilst still being able to refer back to your original vision board.

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