UK Gear –  PT-1000 Road

UK Gear – PT-1000 Road

The PT-1000 is a 1,000 mile, ultra-durable road & trail running shoe.

It makes no compromise on biomechanical performance or comfort as it features UK Gear’s Force Dynamic System (FDS) – classified technology built on a foundation of proprietary compounds and materials.

The PT-1000 is the product of an on going research & development programme with the British military and has been awarded the right to bear the British Army’s famous crossed swords insignia.

This Neutral Cushioning (NC) option gives maximum shock absorption in an extremely durable and flexible package. Designed for the neutrally efficient runner who doesn’t require extra stability.

UK Gear –  PT-1000 Road & Trail Running Shoe – Neutral Cushioning –

PRODUCT REVIEW – by Tracey R4w Member

Cushioning – I really felt that these shoes were great for cushioning my heels which get quite sore sometimes Score 4/5

Comfort – they are so light you hardly know they are on and were comfortable right away. Score 4/5

 Grip/Responsiveness – really great on the road off road a little less grip. Score 4/5

Suitability – I felt they were better on the road than off road, not being waterproof was a disadvantage where I live but still better than some I’ve used. Score 4/5

OVERALL – a great shoe, comfortable and light, would probably buy them but more for the road than off road as its really muddy where I run. Score 4/5

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