Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes


After the snow and rain, comes the mud. Deep, sticky, slippery mud which makes even the flattest off-road runs something of a challenge. Have you been slipping and sliding your way through your runs over the past few weeks? It’s time to add some trail running shoes to your kit collection! A good running trail shoe will see you through the mud and ice of winter and the wettest of autumns, too. Here are some of our favourites which you can find in local running shops or online.

Inov-8 Terroc 308 (around £80)

These Inov-8 shoes are great for drier trails or longer distance off-road runs. They’re fairly lightweight but still durable and tough, and offer good support. The fit is women-specific.

Brooks Trailblade 2 (around £70)

This shoe makes the transition from on-road to off-road easily with a great grip and tough outsole design. It’s a neutral shoe so best for those of you with a trouble-free foot strike.

Asics womens Fuji (around £60)

This is a lovely light off-road shoe which makes use of a tough midsole to add cushioning so you can bounce your way over anything in your path. The outsole has been designed for all weathers and the upper minimises water absorption. 

Keen A86 TR (around £70)

This shoe has been a hit with trail running experts since it was launched. It’s light and responsive and looks great. Keen shoes are very comfortable and tend to have a great fit for female feet.

Salomon XR Crossmax neutral (around £90)

This shoe is a good choice if you plan on putting in the miles off-road. Its climashield design makes it a good choice for trail runners who want a workhorse shoe to see them through all seasons. The fit is specifically designed for women.

What should you look for in trail shoes? Aside from fit, price and comfort of course, trail shoes should be:

– Supportive:  particularly if you are running off-road on unstable surfaces with rocks and stones or roots

– Grippy: the main job of a trail shoe is to provide traction so you can tackle slippery surfaces or varied terrain

– Protective: the upper (the fabric part of the shoe) should be water-resistant to a point, helping you run through puddles, mud or wet ground without getting water-logged

– Quick-dry: trail shoes should dry relatively quickly as they are likely to get very wet and muddy if you put them to good use!  

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