Top Tips To Kick Start Weight Loss For Runners

Top Tips To Kick Start Weight Loss For Runners

Not everyone runs for weight loss, but a lot of you do. What happens when weight loss stalls? Here are some great techniques to kick things off again. 

Add Some Speedwork

One of the best ways to bust through a weight loss plateau is to add speedwork to your running routine. Be honest, have you got comfortable with your regular running pace? If you have, then so has your body, and that might be why it’s stopped burning body fat. Time to change things up and watch the results come! 

Pick Up The pace

By simply being mindful of your pace, you’ll sharpen up your running training enough to give your metabolism a boost. Try running one of your shorter runs this week at a pace around 30 seconds per mile faster than usual. You should feel your metabolism revving even after you finish running. Whilst your body recovers, it’ll be burning body fat. 

Short Sharp Sprints

You could also add some intervals into one or two of your runs per week. This is a fantastic way to burn calories, boost your resting metabolic rate and encourage your body to give up body fat stores. Warm up, and then run 6-10 sprint intervals before cooling down. You could do these at a running track or out on a path or pavement (using lampposts or other markers as goals). Recover between sprints, just long enough to get your heart rate under control before you sprint again. 

Add Some Strength Training

By adding strength training to your running routine, you’ll increase your body’s lean mass (muscle) which will in turn increase your metabolic rate even at rest. Try big, compound exercises like body weight squats, lunges, press ups and pull ups. Avoid doing strength training moves for your legs on the days before or after key training runs. 

Change The Incline

Another great way to boost the calorie-busting effects of your training runs is to add in some hills. This applies whether your run outdoors or on a treadmill. Either crank up the treadmill incline or seek out a hillier route. You could either incorporate several inclines and design a hilly route, or choose one steep hill and tackle it in a series of hill sprints. 

Look At Your Diet

Of course, no amount of training can out-do a poor diet. If your goal is weight loss or body recomposition, you need to be mindful of nutrition and make sure that diet and running go hand-in-hand to help you reach your fat loss goals. Try keeping an honest food diary for three days (over weekend and week days) and record everything you eat, whether it’s at home, in the car, at work or out and about.  

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