To Run Or Not To Run?

To Run Or Not To Run?


Much as we all love to run, there are times when running isn’t the best idea. Yes, really! Here are the (few) times when it’s best to say no to running.

When You’ve Slept Really Badly

It’s not always possible to get the perfect night’s sleep, but if you’ve been up all night with the baby, or couldn’t sleep because of insomnia, or just burned the candle at both ends, it might be wise to postpone your run for another day. If you do run after an awful night’s sleep, at best you’ll have a lacklustre run and at worst you could trip, stumble or pick up an injury because you’re just not with it. Make the wise decision to have a rest day: have a bath, wind down before bed, and go to bed early. There’s always another day.

When You Haven’t Eaten Enough

We don’t need to fuel up on mountains of carbohydrates for every single run we do, but there is a case for postponing a running session if you are feeling weak or dizzy from lack of food. There can be many reasons for undereating: getting stuck in traffic or a meeting, running late, leaving the house without your prepared snack (or money to buy something). If you find yourself suffering the feelings of low blood sugar, it might be better to swap your schedule around so you can run after you’ve had a balanced snack and a drink of water. 

WhenYou’re Suffering From The Night Before

Oops! Somebody had one too many… and then a few more. We’ve all done it! If you’re really suffering with a hangover, it’s not a good idea to go for a run. You’re already dehydrated and your cells are under stress, trying to rid themselves of toxins and repair the damage. Don’t give your body more to do. Stay in, rehydrate, eat small healthy meals and get an early night. You can do your running session tomorrow, if you feel up to it. Wait until your body is no longer dehydrated. 

When You’re Ill

It’s OK to run through some things, like a mild headache, period pains or a runny nose. But you should pay attention to more severe symptoms and make the sensible decision to rest from running until you’re better. We would recommend that you do not run with a cough, heavy cold, chest infection, ear infection, stomach problem or bowel upset. Some people use a “neck check” to make the decision about whether or not to run when ill: if it’s above the neck, it’s OK to run, if it’s below the neck, you need to rest. But obviously this won’t work if you’re suffering with a migraine or ear/nose/throat infection. You are the best judge of your own body. Just remember to err on the side of caution. Better to miss one run today than a whole month of runs because you didn’t allow your body to heal. 

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