Tips For Buying The Correct Socks

Tips For Buying The Correct Socks

Socks are another very important item of clothing and one that is very often overlooked when it comes to buying sports clothing. If your socks are slightly too small, too big, or too thin then you will end up with blisters and a ruined run or worse still a ruined race! I have learned from experience so when I purchase a pair of socks I take my running shoes with me and try the socks on with MY shoe (it is also a good idea to take your socks along when purchasing a pair of shoes)

When purchasing socks always check for seams in the toe area that may cause you problems also check on the fabric; synthetic fabrics such as CoolMax and acrylic are more suitable than cotton as they wick away perspiration more effectively.

Check out your nearest specialist retailer for expert advice.

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