Thoosa Swift Racer Back

Thoosa Swift Racer Back

The Swift Range

The range includes the key items that every runner needs to train and then compete at any distance. We use ultra-lightweight wicking fabric to help you stay dry and comfortable.   All of our tops are designed with a longer body length and the stitching is flatlock to prevent chafing.   We named the range after the brand’s namesake, the Greek mythological nymph Thoosa, who personified swiftness

This vest is designed to be worn over your favourite running bra. We strongly recommend that all runners (whether Sunday joggers or serious marathon runners) get a well-fitting sports bra. Time spent getting this right will help prevents discomfort in the future.  

PRODUCT REVIEW – Thoosa Swift Racer Back –By Diane – R4W Member

  STYLE – This was a generous size in terms of width and length (I wore a medium and am size 12). I liked the racer back style and the small side pocket/pouch, good for carrying a gel but not big enough for an ipod. Score 4/5   COMFORT – Very comfortable and soft to wear. No chaffing and quite loose fitting. I wore this twice – once over a base layer during an outside run and also by itself on the treadmill. For me the top is very versatile from this point of view. Score 5/5   BREATH ABILITY – Excellent material for doing hard fast runs as it keeps you cool but equally good for slower long runs. Score 5/5   QUALITY – Really lovely quality. This is lightweight, soft, yet seemingly durable. It washes and dries easily (don’t tumble dry it). Score 5/5   COLOUR – I loved the colour – berry on the front and a bluey-grey on the back. Score 5/5   OVERALL – If you like looser, longer and more generous size tops, this is perfect as it doesn’t cling to your body and was good at hiding my bloated stomach (time of the month). Score 5/5

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