Thoosa Essential Tee – Product Review

Thoosa Essential Tee – Product Review

About Thoosa

I’ve always loved running, but as I got older I started to care what I looked liked pounding the streets.  I found that running tops were too tight or too boxy, shorts were too short and the colours left a lot to be desired.  I decided to tackle the problem and set about designing great quality running clothing in breathable fabrics and vibrant colours.

With the help of some talented friends I launched Thoosa in 2007 and I haven’t looked back.  To my amazement and delight, earlier this year the brand was named Best Women’s Apparel brand by Runner’s World magazine.


I think the reason the brand has been so well received is because at its heart is a runner who simply wanted to look good.  I now realise that my motivation to run goes hand-in-hand with how I look and although I’m passionate about the benefits of running, the motivation doesn’t always come easily.  

The biggest barrier to running is definitely my own front door.  If I can just get out the door then the hard work is done and I always come back feeling better.  I therefore design Thoosa products with this challenge in mind.  Is this top more or less likely to get me out the door?  Will these tights give me motivation to get off the sofa?  

Start the journey

There are so many benefits to leading an active life and I hope that you’ll find something from the collection that will inspire you to start the journey.  Once you’ve started there’ll be no stopping you!

Caroline McNally

Founder & Designer (and runner)

PS: in case you’re wondering, in Greek mythology Thoosa was a nymph who personified swiftness


Thoosa Essential Tee – Product Review – Jill R4W member

A stylish tee with raglan sleeves – a summer running essential.  

Made from light-weight wicking nylon/ spandex fabric, with flatlock seams to prevent chafing.

RRP: £32.00

STYLE – This is a tee that felt perfect once it was on. The length of the sleeves and overall body length (just sits on the hips) is extremely flattering. Score 5/5

COMFORT – The fabric felt soft on the skin and I did not feel any irritation (neck line or underarms for example) so all in all this is a very comfortable tee. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – Although a summer tee, I did test this on a fairly chilly afternoon, and the wicking certainly worked well. A good test will be a hot summer day! Score 4/5

QUALITY – This is extremely well made and the flatlock seams are essential for those long runs. Score 5/5

COLOUR – Known as ‘Berry’ – this is an unusual and gorgeous colour, which makes a nice change from the usual fluorescent or girly pinks! The logo on the front is subtle too but a nice touch. Score 5/5

OVERALL – I love this. I am used to wearing budget (usually free) technical tees from my goody bags from races, which although functional, have no style and are not flattering in anyway. I put this on and it looked and felt like I was a few pounds lighter – very flattering! Score 5/5

Available from Thoosa

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