Thoosa Chill Tight

Thoosa Chill Tight

Chill tights

Our tights are made with the same bamboo fabric as the Chill jacket which will keep you warm during the coldest months.  They feature our signature flat, wide and flattering waistband and have a handy zip pocket on the back and ankle zips with reflective detail.

PRODUCT REVIEW – Thoosa – Chill Tight by Victoria R4W member

STYLE – Lovely to look at, great sized MP3 pocket. Score 5/5

COMFORT – These tights are so long!  I am 5’3” and they were a good 3” too long for me!  They are very thick – they feel almost like neoprene! Score: 2/5

BREATH ABILITY – They are designed for cold weather – so I guess the fact that I didn’t feel that they were very breathable is due to that!  It isn’t really cold enough for such heavy.  They are made with bamboo – a fabric I love because it is super soft and ecologically sound – but I do worry about how it would cope in wet conditions – I used to use nappies made with bamboo and they were ultra absorbent and took ages to dry! Score: 3/5

QUALITY – Well made, well finished, nice detailing. Flatlock stitching so nice and smooth, zips feel like they are built to last. Score 4/5

COLOUR – Black and rose – what more could one want! Score: 5/5

OVERALL – Would be a 5, but the length is an issue for me! Score 4/5

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