The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running

The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running

The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running – MagBook

Guiding you from the moment you put on your trainers until you cross the finish line, this MagBook is your ideal training companion! Whether you’re a first-time runner or already have a few runs under your belt, this updated guide contains all the advice and tips you’ll need to cross the marathons finish line like a champ.

Featuring over 160 pages of expert advice and providing sustainable training routines spanning from warm-ups and stretches to pacing tactics and practice runs, there is no area that this guide fails to cover. You’ll learn how to create schedules and set achievable targets, fuel your body properly during training and the all important race day, learn how to avoid injuries, and how to seek professional help if things go wrong. The MagBook also features product reviews ranging from trainers to compression clothing, helping you pick the right gear for your needs.

Additional features include a foreword from Commonwealth medallist and double Olympian in the marathon Liz Yelling, as well as inspirational case studies to keep you on the move come rain or shine.

Book Review – Joanne R4W Member

The Ultimate guide to Marathon Running (second edition)

Updated for this year, this magbook provides an excellent introduction for the novice runner or for those who need to increase their awareness of running terminology because they are running the marathon distance for the first time.

It’s packed full of running information from training techniques, nutrition information, kit and shoe advice, staying motivated, injury treatment and running styles.

There is an extremely useful stretching section which provides clear guidance on running specific stretches and I found the nutritional section extremely helpful.

Would recommend this magbook to anyone who is training for a marathon


The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running is available from for only £6.96






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