The Original Oatly!

The Original Oatly!


Well now it is… Oatly chilled range simplifies plant-based eating

Dipped your toe in with Veganuary? Not ready yet to go completely plant-based but looking to make some healthy and sustainable changes to your diet?

Eating green is on the rise.  The World Health Organisation is calling on us to increase our consumption of nutritious plant-based foods for the good of our health and the environment.

It’s easy when you’re a chef. Takes a bit more thinking about when you’re cooking at home.  We think we can help. We’re the company that made the original (and award-winning) oat drink. And now we’ve come up with a range of products to help you upgrade your free-from mealtimes too. 


It’s so Fraiche

So freaking fraiche.  We are really excited to bring you this product. It’s a lot like crème fraiche, but we used oats instead of cream to give you a different take on one of the most flexible ingredients in the modern kitchen. Gives the same great performance as a traditional crème fraiche and tastes amazing.

Thanks for your patience

A cooking cream that doesn’t contain cream but tastes just like it, and makes things easier for you when you are trying to develop healthier eating habits. We think we’ve got the answer with our new chilled Creamy Oat.

Pourable. Bakeable. Heatable. We’re pretty sure that if you swap the old cream for Creamy Oat in your dauphinoise, you won’t be able to tell the difference.



So Vanilla…

Custard. Need we say more? You can use it as it is, or you can whip it to smithereens and watch it fluff up to double size. Making it perfect for crumble. Or trifle. Or in a bowl with a spoon. Actually, who needs a bowl?




Like all our products, the new chilled range is completely plant based.  This means it can be enjoyed by those with milk or nut allergies, vegans, or those who are doing their bit for the environment.

You’ll find the new products exclusively at Tesco in the chiller.


RRP : Fraiche – £1.55

Creamy Oat – 85p

Custard – £1.20

Find out more at www.oatly.com

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