The Joy Of Running On Christmas Morning

The Joy Of Running On Christmas Morning

We want to let you in to a little secret… one of our most treasured traditions is heading out for a short run on Christmas morning. It’s a wonderful way to start the day and a chance to celebrate your progress and achievements as a runner. How about you: do you run on Christmas Day?

Here’s how we like to do it. Get up a little earlier than the rest of the household and get dressed in your running kit straight away. If your family opens “stocking gifts” in bed, do that and enjoy this early part of the day with family and little ones. Then, during that part of the day where older kids are engrossed in their latest gadget or book, younger kids are glued to the TV or running wild, and older generations are prepping food and showering, slip out for a run (you can even don a Santa hat, if you’re really in the spirit of Christmas!) It needn’t be long: even 20 minutes will do the trick. Those 20 minutes won’t mean much to the rest of the family (we’re willing to bet you’ll barely be missed amongst the hubbub) but it’s 20 minutes you can claim for yourself. 

And what a 20 minutes it will be! You’ll either see dog walkers, other runners and maybe some hardy cyclists, or no-one at all. Whatever the weather, the fresh air and exercise will invigorate you and boost your spirits as only running can do. And, if you pass any houses, you’ll be able to glance into the front windows and get a fleeting glimpse of the most wonderful festive scenes: trees glittering with fairy lights, piles of gifts, children still in dressing gowns playing with siblings and cousins, parents and grandparents pottering about in aprons and their Christmas best. 

After your run, it won’t take long for you to jump in the shower and scrub up for Christmas lunch. If you think about it, you won’t be any later than if you’d simply queued for the bathroom (after the kids and relatives had all finished getting ready). It’s simply a fantastic use of those joyful, often jumbled hours of Christmas morning. 

If you’ve never run on Christmas Day before, we urge you to try it. We think it might go down as your most enjoyable run this year. And, if running on Christmas Day is already one of your traditions, we’ll be joining you in spirit and we wish you another wonderful Christmas run.

Merry Christmas!

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