The Importance of a Good Sports Bra

The Importance of a Good Sports Bra

You wouldn’t run in just any old shoes, so don’t run in any old bra. A good sports bra is as an essential a piece of kit as a good pair of trainers. The breasts need to be held firmly in position to minimise bouncing around which is uncomfortable, but more importantly, causes stretching of the Coopers ligament which is the only ligament that stops the breast from sagging, once stretched it is irreversible, sagging breasts forever!

A bra should fit snugly without the rib band restricting breathing, it should give a smooth outline without unsightly bulges over the cups or around your back, and the straps need to be wide enough to support the breast without causing ridges on your shoulders.

 There is an excellent choice of styles available, traditional style bras that are designed for different levels of sporting activity, crop tops designed to be worn as outer or under garments & vests with concealed support.

Quality sports bras are manufactured from high performance fabrics such as Coolmax which is designed to wick moisture away from the body and minimise the effects of perspiration whilst exercising, XStatic fibre is incorporated into many of the bras for its anti-bacterial and anti-odour protection, Supplex  is a superb high tech fabric which is quick drying, crease and abrasion resistant and has a soft smooth feel against the skin, these are just a few of the technical fibres that may be used in the construction of modern sports bras.

A good sports bra will be so comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing it, leaving you to concentrate on your sport. You will find all the leading brands of sports bra at the specialist sports bra e-retailer their website also has a chart showing the suggested impact levels of most sports.

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