The Best Summer Breakfasts For Runners

The Best Summer Breakfasts For Runners

It can be hard to know what to eat when the sun has sapped your appetite before breakfast. Here are the best summer breakfasts for female runners. 


The ultimate go-to breakfast in a heatwave! The great thing about homemade smoothies for runners is that you can adapt them to your exact nutritional needs and tastes. We’ve blogged before about smoothies with a few recipes, but you can’t go far wrong with this basic breakfast smoothie combination: – frozen banana (peel and chop before freezing) – frozen berries (instead of icecubes) – a little liquid (water, fruit juice, milk or dairy-free milk) – protein powder (whey, or non-dairy such as pea protein, rice protein or hemp protein – or a mix).  You could even add in some leafy greens for more of an anti oxidant nutrition boost. We promise you won’t even taste a handful of spinach, but the health benefits are incredible. 

Overnight Oats

Remember our post about overnight oats breakfast recipe ideas? Head over and take a look. Overnight oats are one of the best summer breakfasts for runners: simply porridge oats (the large, basic sort) soaked in liquid overnight with various mix ins. In the morning you’ll open the fridge to a creamy, refreshing, nutrient-dense breakfast which is ideal for runners who need to keep their energy up despite the Summer heat. Give them a go! 

Savoury Breakfasts

Take a tip from the Med (after all, they eat in this heat more often than we do) and start the day with a savoury breakfast. A fantastic way to fill your body with the protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals it needs, with the added bonus that you can bypass packaged foods and big brands quite easily. You could try: smoked salmon, sliced ham (or any other meat), a few slices of cheese, sliced tomatoes (or any other juicy vegetable), scrambled egg or cold hard boiled egg. Pick and choose, arrange on a pretty platter and serve with a side of fruit, berries or try some rye bread. 

Low-sugar Cereal With Protein Shake

Bear with us on this one, because it’s good, we promise! If you’re a fan of cereal in the morning but know you need some protein to make it into a runner-friendly breakfast, try this: make a protein shake and pour it over a non-sugary breakfast cereal such as shredded wheat. Put in the fridge and in the morning you’ll have a sweet, tasty, cold bowl of carbohydrates and protein. It really is good! 

Yoghurt And Mix-Ins

Try cool, creamy Greek yogurt (or plain yoghurt – we actually like goat’s milk yoghurt) with frozen berries stirred through. Top the bowl with a few chopped nuts and a little honey if you like, and add some extra fruit if you feel you need the carbohydrates (we like to mash in a banana, or grate a juicy apple and stir it through). A perfectly balanced bowl of nutrition which will give you energy without weighing you down. 

Whatever you choose to eat for breakfast in the heatwave, remember the golden rule: drink more water. We can’t emphasise this enough. Start drinking water as soon as you get up and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink.

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