Submit Your Run

How to submit your results.

Please submit your results via our website form after you have read the instructions for the information required within the form:

Email Address:

Please use the email address with which you signed up for the Run/challenge with. This is particularly important as this will result in your entry not being verified against your account.

Order Number:

Please have the order number from your confirmation email to hand as this is required on the form. Please ensure this is input correctly or your results will not be verified. You can find your ‘order number’ or ‘race number’ on the bottom of the confirmation email above the shipping address details. This is a 4 or 5 digit number. It is very important that you include your number and that it is correct or this could result in evidence submissions not being allocated to your account. If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, please email us [email protected]

Uploading Evidence:

The maximum number of files that can be uploaded is 5. If you have more than 5 please create a collage of these files to ensure the total does not exceed the limit. Alternatively you can insert all your images into a document and upload the document.

More than one Medal against one Order Number

If you have multiple medals on one order, you will be sent all medals on this order number as shipping purchased is for one package. If you prefer to have separate medals sent on completion of each individual challenge we recommend purchasing them separately so you have order numbers for each challenge.

Issues with submissions:

If you are experiencing issues when submitting your results simply get in touch [email protected] we will be happy to help.