Sportjock Sports Bra’s

Sportjock Sports Bra’s

Support, Comfort and Performance. Sportjock is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality active-wear on the market today.  Key to Sportjock products are the technical fabrics used in the manufacture of the bras.

DuPont CoolMax ® and Supplex ® ensure that any perspiration is taken away from the skin and dries quickly.  The linings and outer fabric both work to compress the bust to your chest and together with the Powerband ™, prevent uncomfortable bounce.

The technical fabrics and the Powerband™offer a super-soft feeling eliminating chaffing and rubbing, often experienced with some sport bras.

Super Sports Bra in Supplex – Designed especially for C, D, DD, E and F cup sizes – Unique Powerband ™ Construction provides the ultimatein comfort and support – Manufactured in Supplex to keep you cool and dry – Moulded Inner Cups provide extra control and support – Can be worn as an outer or undergarment – Easy to understand sizing, the bra is fitted from your under bust (around your ribcage) measurement: rrp:£26.99

Action Sports Bra in Supplex – Designed to cater for A,B and C cup sizes – Unique Powerband TM Construction provides the ultimate in comfort and support – Manufactured in CoolMax and Supplex to keep you cooland dry – Can be worn as an outer or undergarment – Easy to understand sizing, the bra is fitted from your under bust (around your ribcage) rrp: £24.99

Product Reviews


By Jessica

STYLE/COLOUR – Looks and fits like a snug crop top, it has a very flattering cut and I would definitely wear it on it’s own.  Mid Blue colour is extremely attractive and makes a nice change from the usual black or white. Score 5/5

COMFORT/SUPPORT – Extremely comfortable, once I had it on I forgot about it – didn’t chafe or pinch at all.Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – Felt dry and comfortable during my run, the cotton lining did get a bit damp and take a while to dry but to be fair it was a very warm day. Score4/5

QUALITY – Very well made with nice strong stitching, nice smooth seams so nothing would catch on or tear during the pulling on pulling off process. Score5/5

OVERALL  –  Being very small chested I battle to find any kind of sports.  bra to fit, this is the first time ever I have just pulled one on over my head and it has done everything it is supposed to.  An added bonus was that it held my HRM in place throughout my entire run.  I would definitely recommend this bra and will be buying another one soon. Score 5/5


By Tracy

STYLE/COLOUR – Loved the colour I was sent (Raspberry), and the bra is available in a wide variety of colours. Loved the design too, and the fact that you can wear it as an outer garment in warmer weather. Score 5/5

COMFORT/SUPPORT – Excellent support, and the bra was very comfortable too. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – Did it’s job. My other sports bra’s are all cotton, so absorb the sweat and then feel damp after exercising. This bra actually feels wetter to the touch, but seems to hold the moisture away from the body so it is more comfortable after exercising than my usual bra’s. Score 5/5

QUALITY– Can’t fault the quality – very well made. Score 5/5

OVERALL– Excellent, I will definitely get more of these bras. Score 5/5 SPORTJOCK  SUPERSPORTS BRA – Large (Navy)

By Stephanie

STYLE/COLOUR – Score 3/5



QUALITY- Score 4/5

OVERALL– This is a much better bra than I expected. Very good breathablilty and comfort for a compression bra and moresupport than most compression bras provide. No chafing or excess sweating or irritation when warn for a long time.  It may not look like much but this is a good bra! Score 4/5

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