Spicy solution for strength loss

Spicy solution for strength loss

Spicy solution for strength loss

If you’re training hard, a loss of short term muscle strength is an inevitable part of exercise, but scientists may now have found a spicy solution to the problem…
In a recent study1 researchers asked participants to perform high intensity arm exercises, which induced muscle damage. Prior to the exercise half of the participants had taken a ginger supplement for five days and five had taken a placebo.

Twenty four hours after the exercise, as expected, both groups had lost significant arm strength and their one rep maximum lift was reduced. However the two groups differed in how quickly the strength loss improved.

In the group who had taken the ginger for five days strength improved 48 hours after exercise. In the placebo group however it didn’t improve until 72 hours after exercise, indicating that ginger was somehow able to speed up the recovery process by a day – great news for those looking to train hard, but avoid some of the detrimental effects that come with over training.



Try this…

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