Shock Absorber – Max Sports Bra Top

Shock Absorber – Max Sports Bra Top

Find the right support for your sport

Shock Absorber is different – our sports bras offer a tailored solution, allowing you to select your cup size and activity to find the perfect sports bra for you. Shock Absorber is a performance product. All the bras are made from “performance fabrics”, which make the Shock Absorber collection a true piece of sports kit. Cool Max® (only by DuPont) – Cool max is a unique fibre construction which keeps the body cool and dry throughout any workout Wick ability: Draws moisture away from the body Breath ability: Keeps the body cool Meryl® actisystem™ Meryl Actisystem is an innovative, versatile and high performance fibre system designed for an active lifestyle. The fibres have an open-weave textile structure that facilitate the transport of body moisture and increase the drying speed of fabric. The skin stays dry in any environment. The fabric is also lightweight, soft, supportive and protective • Classic sports bra designed with maximum 3 dimensional support • Shaped, padded & adjustable straps for ultimate support and comfort • Moisture-wicking, breathable high performance fabrics

PRODUCT REVIEW – Shock Absorber – Max- Sports Bra Top SHARON R4W

STYLE – I loved the colour. Although style isn’t particularly important it is nice to wear a sports bra that looks nice. Score 4/5

COMFORT/ SUPPORT – Excellent. I have large breasts so comfort and especially support is very important in a sports bra. There was very little bounce when running and no discomfort at all. For all larger breasted ladies, I can recommend this support level 4 sports bra. This product performs exactly as stated. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – The wicking qualities are very good. I perspire quite a lot when exercising. I am surprised how wet the sports bra was when finished but this was kept away from my body with excellent wicking qualities in the product. No discomfort, no rubbing. Score 5/5

QUALITY – The quality of this product is very high. All seams are strong and the product has high quality finish. Score 5/5

OVERALL – As I have said earlier with having large breast it is very important to purchase the right product to protect the breast from bounce. This bra for me fulfils the requirements needed for high impact sports together with style, comfort and good wicking properties. I can highly recommend. Score 5/5

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