Setting Fitness Goals And Sticking To Them

Setting Fitness Goals And Sticking To Them

We’re midway through January now (the month of goals, resolutions and promises) – how are you doing? We’ve written previously about how to set running goals: how to dream big, identify your main target and then break it down into smaller, more measurable goals. And whilst goal-setting is exciting and important, the crucial bit is sticking to your plans. Here are some tips which we hope will help you keep to your plans throughout January, and beyond.

Remind Yourself “Why”

When you started working towards your fitness goal, you had a very specific, very personal reason. That’s your “why”. You don’t need to tell us or anyone what it is (although you can!) But keep it at the forefront of your mind and refer back to it regularly to keep your focus strong.

Don’t Get In To Bad Habits

It’s very easy to start off all guns blazing, with sparkly new habits in place, only for a few to fall by the wayside after a couple of weeks. These good habits get replaced by not-so-good ones: going to bed a little later, forgetting to drink that extra glass of water, sneaking a biscuit in with your cup of tea (after all, one won’t hurt?) Whether or not the biscuit – or the late night – will hurt your goal or not is beside the point. What’s more important is the psychological factor. Letting your great habits and routines slip leads to a cycle of slip ups, regrets and dwindling motivation. Don’t let the cycle begin.

Keep On Track

It’s easy to waver after a few weeks of new habits. Stay on track by using a training diary, an online journal, blog or forum thread or by reporting in to a friend, coach or family member who can help keep you accountable.

Stay Motivated

Punctuate your fitness journey with events to keep you motivated. Shorter running races, charity events or even a photo shoot – whatever is relevant and helpful to your end goal.

Make It Routine

Of all the changes and new habits you make along the way to your new goal, the best ones will be those which benefit your day-to-day life in the long term. So make your great new fitness, nutrition, stress reduction and attitude changes sustainable. Then they’ll be with you for life.






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