SealSkinz – Waterproof Breathable Thin Mid Length Socks

SealSkinz – Waterproof Breathable Thin Mid Length Socks

Our waterproof socks and gloves use patented technology, ensuring the ultimate in waterproof and breathable protection for the feet and hands.

Great in the cold and wet, the waterproof technology keeps you warm and dry. Even when it’s warm, sweat is pulled away from the body and leaves through the highly breathable membrane.

As a result SealSkinz products ensure your feet, hands and head always remain totally dry. They also reduce the chance of blisters on your feet as the three-layer technology helps to prevent your foot being rubbed against your shoe.

SealSkinz exceptional technology uses a unique seamless three layer construction – an outer, a waterproof, highly breathable membrane and an inner lining.

How they work

Inner Layer

The inner lining has been specially developed to actively wick moisture away from the skin to increase comfort and warmth and reduce the chance of blisters. It is made from either Coolmax or Merino wool.

Middle Layer

The waterproof breathable membrane is inserted using patented technology and allows perspiration, as water vapour to escape whilst preventing water coming in. The membrane typically has a breathability of greater than 65% WVP, making the socks and gloves completely waterproof, highly breathable and windproof.

Outer Layer

The outer layer is designed for extra durability and abrasion resistance with stretch to fit properties. It is tough and durable designed to stand up to all weather conditions.

Thin Mid Length Socks. A thin and lightweight calf length sock with fine Merion wool lining for excellent wicking performance. Suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.  Whatever the weather, SealSkinz socks will keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Sealskinz socks incorporate our unique seamless, close fitting, three layer technology.

  1. close fitting inner actively wicks swear and moisture away from the skin
  2. Waterproof breathable membrane
  3. Tough durable outer


The highly breathable membrane reduces sweat build-up by allowing moisture transmission from the foot through the inner layer to the outer layer

The Waterproof membrane ensures feet are always warm and dry. Elasticated instep and Achilles for additional support.

PRODUCT REVIEW – SealSkinz – Waterproof Breathable Thin Mid Length Socks by Dee R4W forum member

Style – Like the colour and the length. Score 5/5

Comfort/Fit – Fitted perfectly. Score 5/5

Freshness – Warm and breathable.  Score 5/5

Quality – Wore these socks under my trainers, walking boots and slinky high heeled boots, luxurious on all occasions. Washed well. Score 5/5

Overall – My feet have been the warmest part of my body whilst running/walking in these socks. They are my favourite socks. Score 5/5

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