Running For A  Better Life

Running For A Better Life

You only live once, so you may as well enjoy it.  And what if you found a way to increase life expectancy, look more youthful and have some fun at the same time? Well running can achieve all three, and it doesn’t exactly break the bank either.

We all have our guilty pleasures (or we possibly need to) and I’m not suggesting we make partying a dirty word, but by controlling what we do and when, and by taking regular exercise, we really can increase our life expectancy and quality of life as a result.   Because through exercise, we can reduce our risk of heart disease, stave off some every day illnesses and ensure we stay at a health body weight to avoid the likelihood of diseases like Type II Diabetes and some types of cancer associated with obesity.

There’s a difference between our biological and our physical age:  Do you know anyone who looks a lot younger than they actually are?  Those I know, all just happen to be seriously into their sport.  For sure, I also know a few people where sport has actually aged or injured them through over doing things, but on the whole, my youthful looking friends’ bodies look great and their outlooks are positive. 

It’s all to easy to approach each new phase of life with excuses and being ever more tempted by opportunities to buy food and drink 24/7.  Added to that, there’s some big rumour that the minute we hit 40 it suddenly becomes harder to shift the weight?  Yet surely if we hadn’t put the excess on in the first place, then losing it wouldn’t be an issue whether we’re 20 or 40?  There is some truth in the hitting 40 thing, but perhaps the real reason is because psychologically we tell ourselves that the older we get, perhaps we shouldn’t be doing such ‘active’ things, and we use age as a reason to avoid anything making us look or feel uncomfortable.  Agreed, if we haven’t stayed active in our twenties and thirties, then absolutely, it’s going to feel pretty strange and difficult to suddenly get active in our forties and beyond, but it’s not impossible…

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