Running Apps For Female Runners

Running Apps For Female Runners

5 great running apps for busy female runners. These days, most runners use a smartphone for GPS tracking or motivational music. Make the most of your phone by downloading one of these six free running apps.


Our very own app is a FREE GPS running App for iPhone that enables you to record your fitness activities and effortlessly sync / save your data into your training diary on Running4Women. Click here to download the app or search for “Running 4 Women” or “R4W” in the App store on your phone.

Once you have downloaded the Running4Women GPS Training App, click here to generate your unique sync PIN – this enables you to easily sync and store your historical activities in your training diary on Running4Women.


Endomondo Sports Tracker is popular with runners and cyclists, as it tracks exercise duration, distance and displays your route on a map. It’s not just for recording what you’ve done – you can also schedule your sessions and your goals, and even opt to get audio feedback from the app’s “coach”. If you like to get social with your running, you can sync the app and post your runs, chart your progress with other app users, and get regular motivational quotes.

Nike+ Running

This popular app from Nike is very accurate, making it valuable for runners. It records distance, time and pace and gives audio feedback on your runs. As you’d expect from Nike, there are plenty of social options allowing you to share your runs and your progress, challenge your virtual friends to runs and races, and make the most of social media. We like the option to upload a Power Song to the app so you can use music to keep you running strong. The other great thing about Nike + is that you can sync the app to Running4women – login and click here to find out more.


Runkeeper uses the GPS technology in your phone to track your runs (it can also be used for walking, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities). It records a phenomenal amount of useful data, including distance, pace, time and calories (although the latter shouldn’t be relied upon as completely accurate). The app allows you to download and follow local running routes, easily track your progress, and get detailed reports showing feedback. You can even add photos to the your runs (if that’s your thing!)


Runtastic also makes use of your phone’s inbuilt GPS to track and map the distance you’ve run, record time and speed, and plot your route in real-time as you go. We like the app’s workout diary which helps you keep track of progress. You can opt to view your routes in a variety of map formats, and can personalise the app’s graphs, data and dashboard so you see the data you want in the style which suits you.
Do you use smartphone apps to record your runs, share your progress, connect with other runners, or learn more about running? We’d love to hear about your favourite running apps.

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