Running And A Healthy Libido

Running And A Healthy Libido

There are plenty of reasons to love running… but did you know it can even improve your sex life? Gather round, girls, let’s talk about it.

Running is good for your sex life! Does this surprise you? Active folk tend to enjoy more sex than their less-healthy counterparts. There are several reasons why…

Healthy Body, Healthy Sex Life

A lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle is linked to health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. These can all contribute (directly or indirectly) to sexual problems in both men and women. So, as a runner, you’re already giving your libido and your body a boost.

Better Habits, Better Body Image

Runners are less likely to smoke, drink heavily and eat junk food than those who don’t run. Healthier habits lead to healthier bodies, and also to better body-image. All of which lead to… yes, you guessed it, more action in the bedroom. 

Boost Your Mood And Your Libido Will Follow

As you already know, running is great for emotional wellness, boosting your mood, helping you manage stress and even warding off depression. When you feel good, you’ll feel sexier and are likely to have better relationships. It’s not difficult to see how a happier, more confident person has a better sex life than someone who’s stressed and down on themselves.  

Be More Aware Of Your Body

Have you noticed that running has made you more in tune with your body? You’re more aware of your breathing, of how your body feels, and of the feedback it gives you. All these things make you a better lover, and more able to have a pleasurable sexual experience. 

Manage Symptoms Of PMS

Regular exercise can help you minimise the horrible symptoms of PMS, from mood swings to breast tenderness and stomach bloating. The endorphins released during running help ease the physical symptoms and balance your hormones, so you’ll feel much more up for it!

It’s clear that running helps you feel sexier, boosts your libido and improves your sex life. We doubt you need another reason to keep running but, just in case you do, this has to be one of the best yet! 

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