Revisit Your Goals And Refocus Your Targets

Revisit Your Goals And Refocus Your Targets

January has been long, dark and very cold! How are your resolutions and goals bearing up? Now is a great time to revisit those goals you made at the start of the year to assess how you’re getting on, where you may have slipped a little and how you can get back on track. Did you know that it takes 21 days to form a new habit? It’s been more than 21 days since New Year. So, let’s recap…

Revisit your goal.  Hopefully you read our blog post about vision boards and goal-setting, so you have been able to see a visual reminder of your target every day throughout January. Is the vision-board working for you? Or did the images, quotes and other items lose their power over time? It’s OK to revisit your vision board or even start all over again. It needs to really resonate with you in order to be a powerful motivational tool. Remember your why.  Why not take some time this weekend to sit quietly and really connect with the “why” behind your goal? Let your imagination go and try to feel how it will be to achieve it. What will you be wearing? Who will be there? How will you feel: elated, relieved, emotional? Fix this image and those feelings in your mind and take steps towards them every day.

Is your goal still relevant? Perhaps life has changed for you since the start of the year. Sometimes we have to accept that the goals we once had are no longer relevant, desirable or practical. If that’s the case for you, don’t lose heart, but maybe it’s time to find a different goal (or a smaller goal along the path to your original one). It’s no bad thing, it’s just being flexible and realistic.

Make it public.  If you haven’t already done so, tell someone about your goal. It can be a big announcement, on Facebook or on the running4women forums (an online journal is great form of accountability and support). Or you can keep it more private and tell your partner or a good friend. Telling someone else what you’re going to achieve makes it more real, and much more likely to happen!

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