Review of Nuun Hydration Tablets For Runners

Review of Nuun Hydration Tablets For Runners

We’re always telling you about the importance of hydration for female runners. Here’s a review of the handy (and tasty!) Nuun hydration tablets.

Nuun tablets are tablet-form electrolytes which you pop into your water. They’re a real favourite with all sorts of athletes including runners, triathletes and cyclists, all of whom know how important it is to replace lost electrolytes during and after exercise.

What’s the benefit? Adding electrolytes to your water means you’ll get more from your running training, racing and recovery, but using the Nuun tablets means you avoid sugar, carbohydrates and chemical additives. That’s not to say that you don’t need carbohydrates, or can’t (occasionally) eat sugar, but it’s best to get your energy intake from food (so you can take in what you need) and let your fluid intake take care of hydration.

Nuun tablets give you key important electrolytes: potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium which mean your body will be better hydrated by the water you drink. Good news for runners, as this will help you avoid cramping. If you suffer from leg cramps or annoying foot and toe cramps (particularly in bed at night), you would benefit greatly from electrolytes.

We like Nuun tablets because they’re so easy to use on the go, and are a good value and environmentally-friendly option. They come in a slim cylindrical bottle which you can easily put in your handbag or kit bag. To use, you just drop one tablet into 500ml of water (or break a tablet in half if you need to) and let it dissolve – it works out at about 50p per drink.

How do they taste? We’ve tried the orange, citrus fruit and fruit punch flavours all of which give your water a fresh, mild taste that’s not too sweet. It just makes your water taste like a slightly fizzy fruity drink – but one that’s doing you the world of good.

You train and race hard, so make sure your water is working hard for you!

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