Product Review New Polar RCX5 RUN HRM

Product Review New Polar RCX5 RUN HRM


Polar launches brand new cutting edge product for runners

Renowned as the market leader in heart rate monitoring, Polar is proud to launch the revolutionary RCX5 training computer. Designed for runners who want to optimise their training and have an interest in a number of endurance sports, it boasts the latest performance enhancing technology. With cutting edge heart rate functions, a maximised display, strong aluminum frame, easy  to use buttons, compact GPS unit and a water proof disturbance-free WearLink®+ Hybrid transmitter it is the ultimate accessory to take the guesswork out of training sessions. 


Whether you are a just looking to get fit, training for a first race or a dedicated athlete use Polar (www.polaruk.co.uk) to listen to your body and help you along the way.

The new Polar RCX5 GPS

•ZoneOptimizer adjusts your personal heart rate zones for every training session based on your current condition so you can take into account factors such as fatigue, recovery, hydration and general well-being and train safely within the zones it sets for each day 

•Race Pace allows you to set a target time for a set distance – it then shows you how far or ahead of the pace you are and what pace/speed is required to meet the target. Great for event preparation

•G5 GPS – Compact, cigarette lighter sized GPS unit with 18 hours battery life, charged through mini USB. Can be worn on armband provided or simply placed in the pocket or bag to give training load data, route mapping and speed and distance


•Sport Profiles – supports multisport exercise by providing sport specific data during training and swift switch between different sports with the touch of a button (run, cycle, swim)

•WearLink+ Hybrid transmitter gives heart rate data, even in water

•Motivational Running Index feature – based on heart rate and speed data measured during the run, running index gives daily information about your performance level, both aerobic fitness and running economy. Improvement in running efficiency indicates improved economy of running performance, allowing you track your improvement over time

•polarpersonaltrainer.com Data Link

-Download Endurance Programmes to help you improve performance, downloadable from polarpersonaltrainer.com with DataLink 

-Training Load tells you the cumulative training load and recovery time after every session

-Map view shows your training route with training load colour-coding, through Google Earth. Detailed graphs about your training load and recovery status help you to adjust your training plans in order to optimize your training and performance development 

RCX5 with GPS available in retailers for RRP £359.50

Learn more about Polar at www.polaruk.co.uk


Product Review – Polar RCX5 RUN.

This HRM is thinner and lighter than it’s rivals that means it’s far less bulky on the wrist, it is waterproof and very sturdy for off road and trail runs. It’s very easy to set up straight out of the box. The stride sensor and footpod gives very good accuracy, I have used the watch on numerous training runs and each the time the stride sensor was spot on giving consistent training routes.

The watch records a vast amount of data that can be interpreted and manipulated easily with the Polar online training tools. Your performance can be monitored and tracked which enables the user to create training targets.

Would recommend to others


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