Product Review – MuleBar

Product Review – MuleBar

Kick the bonking into touch

The producers of MuleBar,  used to ‘bonk’ or ‘hit the wall’ on a pretty regular basis. To ‘bonk’ means the time during exercise when your body cannot do what your mind wants it to do as a result of pushing it too hard, not fuelling right, becoming dehydrated or a mixture of the three.

So, MuleBar have been working hard over the winter months researching ways to ‘Kick the Bonk’ and making improvements and new flavours of their Mule Bar Kicks Energy Gels so they do just that…

Working in conjunction with their customers, their Mules (the pro-athletes that use their products) and MuleBar nutritionists, they have tweaked their gel recipes and salt content to make the great tasting and natural Kicks perform better, digest quicker and be easier on the stomach.

The improved recipes have all the best MuleBar factors from before, unique fast tear packaging, 100% natural, ethically sourced real food contents that are easy on the stomach with no hidden nasties or ingredients you don’t understand. But for 2012, they have fine-tuned the three existing flavours (Apple Strudel, Lemon Zinger and Cherry Bomb) to make them softer, smoother, tastier and easier to get down, thus meeting the exacting energy needs of a body on the go – each gel has just under 30g of easily digested, organic carbohydrates in it. Working on the premise that an athlete’s body utilises anywhere between 30 to over 90 grams of mixed carbohydrates per hour, taking one to three of our gels every 60 minutes during exercise should definitely help keep that bonk at bay.

Not only that, but they also wanted to find a way of enjoying our favourite coffee whilst exercising, so the Café Cortado flavour gel has been born, named after the team’s favourite tasting Spanish coffee. This new caffeinated gel has the same 30g of natural carb energy as the other bars, but they have added the rocket boost of natural coffee and guarana to the tune of 100mg of caffeine per serving. This caffeine load is formulated to delay the onset of fatigue and support your endurance. And for those who aren’t coffee fans, but still want a caffeine hit, the New Lemon Zinger also comes with a 50mg load of organically sourced guarana caffeine.

Finally for 2012, they have tweaked our salt and electrolyte contents. The Kicks gels now do more than just give you energy and support endurance. The average hard working athlete sweating out 1Ltr per hour can lose anywhere between 2 to 10g of salt in a 2 hour race. Knowing this, we have increased the levels of Himalayan crystal salt in the gels. Not only does this provide your body with over 80 trace minerals, each gel now offers a re-hydrating 100mg of sodium per 37g sachet. By taking our gels alongside water, the sodium content could support water retention and improve carbohydrate absorption, not to mention help reduce the risk of muscle cramps.

Already using MuleBar Kick Gels are several world class sportsmen and women including World Triathlete Champion Javier Gomez Noya, extreme mountain runner Anna Frost and renowned mountaineer Alan Hinkes – to name just a few.

To find out more about Kicks Gels, other MuleBar products, stockists or to buy please visit MuleBar

Running4Women – Product Review – the new MuleBar Kicks Gels are great for an energy boosting treat, ideal for long runs, and great tasty flavours which were gentle on my stomach. Score 5/5

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