Preparing For A Boxing Day Race or Fun Run

Preparing For A Boxing Day Race or Fun Run


So you’ve entered a short running event… on Boxing Day. Is it possible for runners to prepare, hydrate and rest on Christmas Day? We show you how.

Preparing for a running race is a challenge at any time of year, but when the week leading up to your race happens to be Christmas week, what do you do?

How To Eat For A Boxing Day Running Race

You don’t want to have indigestion for a Boxing Day run, but there’s no need to curtail the enjoyment of Christmas Day, either. Our advice is to think about eating healthily in the lead-up to Christmas. Then enjoy the Christmas meal and then taper off your eating in the evening. Focus instead on hydrating with plenty of water (this will also help to move any excess food through the system!) Cut down on sugary foods (even dried fruit) and foods high in fibre on Christmas Day evening, as both are likely to cause tummy trouble or a restless night’s sleep.

Hydration Is Key At Christmas For Runners

It’s really important that you are well hydrated for your Boxing Day race or run. It’s all too easy to let hydration slip over Christmas: salty foods play havoc with our hydration levels, and we spend more time inside being hot and stuffy. So drink up! Consider having Christmas Eve as your day for an alcoholic tipple, leaving Christmas Day clear for rehydrating with plenty of water.

Runners Need To Rest Over Christmas

Try to get some rest on Christmas Day if you’re running on Boxing Day. There are usually plenty of opportunities for a power nap during the day, whilst the family are watching a film (or whilst they’re asleep, too!) A relatively early night is a good idea, particularly if you need to get up early to travel to your race. Have a large mug of herbal tea (peppermint will be a good choice) and settle down with the book you got for Christmas!

Enjoy Christmas And Enjoy Your Fun Run Too

A Boxing Day race or fun run is all about enjoyment, so don’t stress about the preparations. Do your best, but make sure you still enjoy Christmas Day. You can definitely do both without needing to over-think things.

On Boxing Day Morning

Set your alarm so you have plenty of time to get ready and travel to the race. Make sure you drink a large glass of water, and perhaps a black coffee, and get some electrolytes in. Food will be less important, particularly if the race is only a short distance. Your glycogen stores will be full from Christmas week! You could have a small bowl of porridge, a yoghurt and some fruit, a banana, a protein shake or energy gel. Hydration is more important at this stage. Don’t forget a healthy snack and some water for after the run.

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