Nike Lunarswift+ 3 Shield Women’s Running Shoe

Nike Lunarswift+ 3 Shield Women’s Running Shoe

The Nike Lunarswift+ 3 Shield: Redefined support and protection

Improving upon the Nike Lunarswift+2 in a number of ways, the Nike Lunarswift+ 3 Shield Women’s Running Shoe features an updated upper with water-resistent mesh and midfoot lock-down. Maintaining the unrivaled cushioning of the original Nike Lunarswift+, this version stays rooted in iconic comfort.


•Best for underpronated to moderately overpronated runners •Seam-free, water-resistent mesh upper for comfort, ventilation and lightweight protection •Midfoot strap for secure, lock-down fit •Lunarlon cushioning for a soft, bouncy ride •Dynamic Support platform for stability when you need it


The Nike Lunarswift+ 3 Shield is made with a seamless mesh upper coated with water-resistant material to maintain maximum comfort and keep elements at bay in poor conditions. A midfoot strap integrates with the laces and wraps behind the heel for excellent all-around support, and a full innersleeve increases comfort and breathability.


The Dynamic Support platform in the midsole responds to a runner’s changing needs. During each run, it adapts to the runner’s stride to provide just the right amount of support. For overpronators, the firmer, wedged carrier foam limits excessive pronation–without adding the weight of a traditional medial post. Neutral runners won’t activate this pronation-control feature, so the Dynamic Support platform will simply feel like a well-cushioned, neutral shoe.


This shoe’s Lunarlon cushioning system is made up of a soft yet resilient foam core, encased in a supportive foam carrier for a lightweight blend of ultra-plush cushioning, springy response and support.

Additional Details

•Environmentally preferred rubber in a Waffle pattern outsole for durability and traction •Deep flex grooves for enhanced flexibility and a smooth, efficient stride •Carbon rubber in the heel for maximum abrasion resistance •Nike+ ready

PRODUCT REVIEW – Nike Lunarswift+ 3 Shield Women’s Running Shoe by Andrea R4W Forum member

Cushioning – While this shoe doesn’t look like a highly cushioned shoe it feels very comfortable and when your foot strikes it feels protected. Score 4/5

Comfort – This shoe was extremely comfortable.  Even on the first run they felt snug but gave in the right places. The upper fitted around the foot well without feeling tight and because of the fixed tongue it didn’t loosen up while running. Score 5/5

Grip/Responsiveness – The grip was fine for road running but I felt slightly less confident when trail running as the grip wasn’t as good in the wet muddy conditions.  However, being a slightly thinner sole than other shoes, the responsiveness was good. Score 4/5

Stability – My foot felt very stable in these shoes and they managed to get a good stable feel without feeling restricted. Score 5/5

Overall – I really liked these shoes.  They didn’t feel massive on my feet like some running shoes, but they gave the stability and responsiveness which I like.  I felt that my feet were doing the running, not my shoes. However, I wouldn’t use them for trail running as I didn’t feel confident that they had the required grip. Score 5/5

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