Nike Cyclone Vapor Women’s Running Jacket

Nike Cyclone Vapor Women’s Running Jacket

The Nike Cyclone Vapor Women’s Running Jacket fends off light wind and rain without holding you back. It’s designed to move with the body, and a built-in pocket makes it easy to stow when you’re not wearing it.


  • Internal flocking (textured dots) to create air space and help reduce cling
  • Thin, durable and lightweight fabric for free-moving protection from light wind and rain
  • Water-resistant coating for weather protection
  • Pocket for storage of jacket or other small items
  • Adjustable hood for warmth and protection

Weather protection

The Nike Cyclone Jacket has an adjustable hood—designed specifically for runners–that offers coverage without limiting visibility. To keep out the elements, it features a dropped hem and lightweight, fold-over elastic at the sleeve hems.


A handy pocket on the lower back was made for stashing small items or the jacket itself when it’s not being worn. And, for optimal range of motion and reduced irritation, this lightweight layer has articulated motion sleeves. Reflective elements enhance visibility during low-light runs, and underarm grommets boost ventilation.


This women’s running jacket features textured dots on the inside to help you stay dry and comfortable by creating air space, keeping the fabric from clinging to your skin. A durable, water-resistant coating helps keep rain from putting a damper on your run.

 Additional Details

  • Fabric: 100% nylon
  • Machine wash

PRODUCT REVIEW – Nike Cyclone Vapor Running Jacket – by Barbara R4W Member

 STYLE – The style was very good, and as being 5’8” tall – was not short in the body, it was a good length.  However, personally would have preferred no hood.  However, you can adjust it, so when road running and looking right and left your head did not disappear inside it. Score 5/5

COMFORT – Soft, very good, it was really lightweight. Score 4/5

BREATHABILITY –  Due to the very warm weather conditions of the last couple of weeks, I could not run / walk for a long distance without having to remove it.  This is no reflection on the jacket, but too warm outside plus having to wear sun cream.  Score 4/5

QUALITY – Excellent, the feel of the material was really soft, a little like ‘flock wallpaper’.  Well made, with no rough seams. Score 5/5

COLOUR – Loved it – Excellent as not ‘in your face red’, but a subtle shade of red, especially with the black dots. Score 5/5

OVERALL – An excellent jacket, very lightweight, and with the ‘built-in pocket’ to pack it away in when not in use. Score 5/5


Available from Nike

RRP £72.00

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