New Year fitness with  Fitness FX

New Year fitness with Fitness FX

Fight, pump and jump your way into shape this New Year

If celebrities jumping around in skimpy outfits isn’t your idea of fitness motivation, then the new range of DVDs from fitness fx is for you.

fitness fx are one of the UK’s leading producers of fitness programmes and their no-nonsense DVDs have become hugely popular with those serious about shaping up and losing weight.

Their new v14.1 release launches this December and features leading health and fitness experts – the same experts that teach fitness trainers and professionals – who have created a range of modern and dynamic workouts that aim to get you fit and athletic using current, effective training methods backed up by hot soundtracks.


There’s something for everyone including fight fx, jump fx, groove fx, stomp fx, pump fx and blast fx. Each DVD (excluding groove-fx) features two different styles of workout: an hour-long class set to music, and a 30 minute non-music based session called T3. An abbreviation of Train. Track. Transform, T3 helps you train smarter, track your results and transform your body.

  • jump fx – Explosive metabolic training designed to accelerate fat loss and maximise fitness gains in the studio, on the gym floor or at home.
  • fight fx – Martial arts-inspired fight sequences and conditioning drills devised to strip fat and amplify power, co-ordination and confidence in the studio, on the gym floor or at home.
  • stomp fx – Formulated for maximum calorie burn and fitness improvements, stomp fx and T3 stomp deliver dynamic, athletic exercise programming with a step in the studio, on the gym floor or at home.
  • groove fx – a stylised low impact aerobic workout that captures the essence of dance, combines it with fun and delivers real fitness results.
  • pump fx – a complete resistance training workout featuring a bar and weight plates set to the latest chart and club anthems.
  • blast fx – Evolution becomes revolution with blast fx and T3 blast. Transform outdated, one-dimensional body conditioning exercises into dynamic, tri-planar movement in the studio, on the gym floor or at home.

 For more details or to buy, visit fitness-fx, where prices start at just £14.99 per DVD

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