NEW and improved BEET IT SPORT Beetroot flapjack

NEW and improved BEET IT SPORT Beetroot flapjack

A delicious new way to enjoy the performance benefits of natural nitrate

The new and improved Beet It Sport Beetroot Flapjack has launched, offering a winning combination of delicious all-natural ingredients; simply beetroot concentrate, oats and raisins in a smaller, more manageable size, offering an ideal option for sportspeople looking for a healthy, high-nitrate snack.

Each Beet It Sport Beetroot Flapjack has 200mg of natural dietary nitrate, which is scientifically proven to improve exercise performance by reducing the amount of oxygen the body needs to maintain a set intensity of exercise. At the same time, the oats provide 24g of carbohydrate for dual-fatigue prevention, helping you stay fuelled up throughout exercise.

Research at more than 200 universities worldwide use Beet It Sport products to investigate the benefits of natural dietary nitrate supplementation. Published work so far shows that the nitrate interacts with enzymes in saliva to boost Nitric Oxide levels in the blood. This natural vasodilator increases blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles with a beneficial impact on strength, endurance and recovery.

The Beet It Sport Beetroot Flapjack is an easier to consume alternative to the popular Beet It Sport Shot, which is used by many elite athletes when training and competing. The new bar is perfect for those who participate in regular endurance activities or enjoy days out in the great outdoors – a useful hit of natural nitrate to reach their maximum potential.

The new Beet It Sport Beetroot Flapjack, which is individually foil wrapped to keep it moist and chewy, is now available with an RRP of £1.85 per 40g bar.

For more information on the new Beet It Sport Flapjack, please visit www.beet-it.com.

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