Nature’s Summer Foods For Fat Loss

Nature’s Summer Foods For Fat Loss


What are the best foods to eat for fat loss? Sometimes the simplest answers are best. We turn to nature for the best summer weight loss foods for runners. 

Green Beans And Other Green Vegetables

Whether you grow your own or not, summer gives us an abundance of green vegetables and leafy greens, all of which are wonderful low-calorie, high-nutrient foods which will help weight loss. Fill up on any green vegetables, but in particular leafy greens (including kale and spinach) and cruciferous vegetables (including broccoli and cabbage) to power up your meals with fibre, micronutrients and vitamins for a minimal calorie count. 

BBQ Food (yes, really)

Don’t shy away from BBQ invitations if you’re trying to eat well and lose weight. BBQs are perhaps the healthiest way of cooking. Just choose your food items carefully. Chicken breasts or skewers, homemade burgers (or ones from a source you trust) and good quality sausages are high protein, low fat foods. Cooking them on a BBQ means no added fat or sauces: a fantastic solution if weight loss is your goal. Vegetarians and vegans could try grilling vegetable skewers or flat field mushrooms/Portabella mushrooms. BBQ food only becomes unhealthy when you start looking at side dishes and add ons. So turn down bread in favour of new potatoes, fill up on salads and vegetables, and watch out for heavy sauces. 

Strawberries And Other Summer Berries

British summertime is synonymous with strawberries! Along with other berries, they are a wonderful dietary addition for anyone wanting to eat healthily and lose bodyfat. Why? Berries are low in sugar (but still taste sweet), packed with nutrients and vitamins, and enough fibre to make you feel fuller. Use them as a mix-in for yoghurt, blended up in smoothies, mashed and cooked down as a low-sugar alternative to jam, or simply eaten on their own.


Another typically British summer food, rhubarb is readily available at this time of year. Great for baking (and savoury dishes too), it is a useful ingredient for bulking up meals and desserts, adding volume without calorific density. It’s very high in fibre, so fills you up, and packs a nutritious punch. Try using berries to sweeten it rather than a lot of sugar. 

Fresh Coconut

Not native to Britain, but a summery taste nonetheless, fresh coconut has a wealth of benefits for a healthy, fatloss diet. The whole coconut is something of a wonder food. It’s particularly useful for runners, because it supplies energy from MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which the body finds a useful form of fuel. Try cooking in coconut oil, adding chunks of fresh coconut flesh to breakfast oats or yoghurt desserts, or sip on coconut water as a refreshing and rehydrating drink before or after a run. 

Ice-cream (the healthier kind of course!)

What’s nicer on a hot day than a bowl of ice-cream to share with the kids? Think you can’t enjoy ice-cream if you want to lose body fat? Think again! Try this wonderful trick: peel, chop and freeze a banana (or more). Once frozen, add the banana chunks to your blender along with any of the following:

– cocoa powder

– protein powder

– frozen berries

– a little fruit juice

– a few spoonfuls of yoghurt or Greek yoghurt

– a shake of cinnamon or your favourite spice 

Blend, blend, blend, adding just enough water or juice to loosen the mixture. After a few minutes, you’ll be left with a concoction with the texture and taste of ice-cream! Spoon into glasses or bowls, and why not top it with a little chopped dark chocolate or chopped nuts. We think it’s actually better than the original… try it!

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