Nature’s Remedies For Bloated Bellies and Water Retention

Nature’s Remedies For Bloated Bellies and Water Retention


There’s nothing worse than trying to run with that heavy feeling of water retention. Here are our favourite natural remedies to combat a bloated stomach. 


This fresh green herb is a wonderfully cheap and readily-available weapon against water retention. Chop it up and add it to salads, soups, smoothies or juices. Yes, it’s very green, and can be an acquired taste, but it really does work wonders in flushing through water retention from bloated bellies and puffy legs. 

Dandelion Root

Available in capsule form, as a tincture or as a tea, dandelion root to combat bloating is more than an old wives’ tale. Try it whenever you’re suffering from bloating caused by hormones, heat or over-indulgence.


Eating celery stalks and leaves works very well in flushing excess water from the body. Either eat it raw as stalks, chop or grate and add to salads, or cook it up. It’s great made into soup, or can be steamed or roasted (try it – it takes on a whole new taste!)


It will come as no surprise to learn that this watery vegetable is a great ally in encouraging water retention out of the body. Fresh, hydrating and summery, cucumber is a welcome addition to salads, raw dishes and snack plates. Load up on it and watch your bloating recede! 

Ditch The Salt and Sweeteners

If you’re feeling bloated, clean your diet up by pledging to cut out caffeine, sugar, artificial chemical sweeteners and – crucially – salt and sodium. You’ll need to read food labels in order to rid your diet of excess sodium, as it crops up in some surprising places. Seasonings, fizzy drinks, stock cubes, balsamic vinegar, sauces, packaged food and snack bars are all likely culprits. Pay attention to your food and drink for a few days and you’ll be surprised by how your body responds. 


It may seem counter-intuitive but, if you want to rid your body of any water it’s holding on to, you need to drink more water. Water in=water out, so drink up. Replace coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and sugary sports drinks with plain water. Pop in ice, lemon slices, lime slices, fresh herbs (we like mint) or even slices of cucumber to add flavour and some useful extra hydrating properties. 

Sweat It Out

Finally, if you still feel you need to shift that bloating, then get a sweat on. Work up a sweat through exercise (or a steam room if you’ve got access to one) and this will help drive water retention out of the body – as long as you keep your hydration levels high by also increasing the amount of water you drink. 

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